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  The legend of ‘red jade talisman’
  The legend of ‘red jade talisman’
  On the most luxurious ‘Gold Star’ bed train in history, a fantasy adventure across time and space and exploring the supreme gods of Daoshu is about to begin...


作  者:Tseng Hsiang─Yun
類  別:文學小說
出  版:白象文化
語  言:英文
I S B N :9789865526450
裝  訂:平裝

定  價:NT$200


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◎The author is a senior novel writer and university lecturer. He is better at reasoning novels and is well received by all walks of life.
◎Unique narrative technique opens an adventure story that spans time and space and explores the supreme deity of Taoism.

‘Gold Star’is the most luxurious sleeper train in human history, it should have been a great pleasure to take it, but a group of complex passengers, everyone is difficulty to understand, and reveal an exotic love beyond time and life, brings more death mysteries.
The love story turns into a clue to solve the riddle of‘ red jade talisman’for Yang Ru and Gu chang zch, countless setbacks and strange things keep going in the process of finding thing based this clue, accomplishes a legend of‘ red jade talisman’, but what is the‘ secret’after it?

The authority item of Taoism ─‘red jade talisman’likes jade and amulet, can cure diseases and drives out the evil spirits…has infinite fuctions, caused innumerable weaves in the Tao world, it was handed down several times by some Taoists, after all, its whereabout is unkown, one of‘ Seven elites in Tao faction’─ Yang Jingsong, his great grandson─Yang Ru, and another member of it─Wu Hao ying, his son─ Wu Maolin protects the youth─Gu chang zch, the two young men shares the mission of finding‘red jade talisman’, so they went from the electric street ofTaiwan to the palace train of Japan, back to hair pins shop, drama stage, remote village in the country.
During this period, they are deeply moved by the Taoist’s spirit and the ninja’ soul,
And explore the wonders of drama, achieves the mission, however, there is a deeper level of Taoism realm for them to visit.



Part one Seven elites in Tao faction

Only a little time, Gu chang zch already has got into a stone world from the dead roof top .
There are different kinds of stones in a narrow living room.
Various colors and shapes: water red, light green, shallow yellow, usual black and brown…
lunar, rectangle, circle, lotus, lion head, even flute, knife…
It is too unbelievable!
‘All stones are natural, not artificial, right? ’
Gu chang zch has not yet recovered from his surprise in this stone world─a scent flutters over.
The old man asks him come to table to eat something.
‘Wow! ’
Gu chang zch marvels at the dishes in front of him.
All appliances are made by stones.
Stone roast meat, pickle is put on the small light blue stone bowl, oat cakes are arranged with a stone plate, turnip soup is taking heat in the stone soup pot .
The wine which is filled in a pair of stone goblets gives a seductive color.
‘Even I die, also want to be stuff. ’
Gu chang zch talked by himself.
He sits down and enjoys all dishes on the dinning table.
The old man relaxes for his good appetizer by the side.
‘After finishing this meal, I maybe come back the rooftop again. ’
Gu chang zch is still in the dull.
The old man just smiles;he seemed to have something telling Gu chang zch.
‘Most of stones were collected by my father. ’
He said, then, drinks one bite of wine.
‘He was a Chinese medicine doctor. ’
‘He was favor on these stones─ thought them to be sturdy and have spirituality from nature. ’
‘So, when I was a child, had already seen so many strange stones, and I am also used to the weird for them. ’
He scratched his sideburns a little.
‘Once, he brought a blood red, shine jade that was similar to talisman,wrapped with the white silk which had red patterns. ‘
‘He did not put the red jade with other stones unusually, just hided it privately. ’
‘My father even did not say an word to this special stone, but, his expression was such complex…’
‘Surprised, shocked, some worried and disturbed. ’
The old man became a little heavy, as to have a bite of wine again.
‘Since, after he had diagnoses patients, he just took the little thing to rube their meridians, once in a while, they could relieve the pains and have good spirits. ’
‘Dose it have another medical effect? ’
Gu chang zch plugged and asked.
‘Yes! ’
‘My father himself was also a beneficiary. ’
‘The jade seemed to make his body be stronger than before, muscle contracted, white hair became less. ’
‘The whole person looked losing ten years at least. ’
Gu chang zch shakes his head and his face takes an incredible look.
‘However, the world is hard to predict, ’
The old man sighed.
‘One day, I came back home after I had been off duty from the bank usually. ’
‘found the door to be opened, then, I got into the room…’
‘Just saw my father falling down in the blood,a small knife inserted the center position of his heart, almost died! ’
‘I helped him up,afterwards, he opened his eyes, smiled at me,was reluctantly to say:
“There is still time, ”
“Move the closet in my bed room, you will see a dark cabinet on the wall. ”
“Open it, the things are in it can explain everything. ”
after that, he just closed eyes.
‘Icould not help hysterical yelling! ’
The old man clenched his fist, was full back to the misery of that year.
Gu chang zch just looked a bit nervous.
‘Since childhood, my mother had already passed away, after I grow up, father also died abruptly. ’
‘I nearly collapsed, would not live normally in a period of time. ’
‘Through a month, the dark cabinet was just opened. ’
He moaned.
‘Inside, there were a few items;mahogany sword, Taoist magic paper, incense burner, holy grail, plate, which are used practicing of Taoism. ’
‘A book…’
He improved the sound.
‘Its name is“The profoundness of heaven”─a collection which Tao faction regards it as a standard. ’
‘Its pages were sandwiched a letter. ’
‘My father mentioned his past in this letter. ’
‘He had been a baby who was abandoned on roadside. ’
‘Fortunately, a Taoist ─Wu Tia nji picked up him and adopted him. ’
‘Besides, he named my father Wu Hao ying .’
‘Wu Tia nji also recruited six children as disciples, plused my father, called them“ Seven elites in Tao faction”! ’
‘He taught them about skills of Tao faction, charms, self defense, and principles of medical science. ’
‘Several children got together, quarreled and fraught inevitably. ’
‘At that time, they were pure and innocent yet. ’
‘Until adults, but became…’
He thought for a while, then, continued:
‘Apparently, “ Seven elites in Tao faction” knew how to be modest and polite, ’
‘They just compared with each other and filled with intrigue secretly. ’
‘“Standard life”!’
Gu chang zch throw such a sentence rudely.
‘Wu Tia nji had a precious thing─“red jade talisman”. ’
‘It is both a jade and a talisman─ you can take it to cast a spell on people and to break curses. ’
‘Furthermore, this jade talisman also has the effects of building up people’s bodies as well as flatting their hearts. ’
‘Most important, it is a“ symbol”! ’
The old man reached out his index finger, emphasized.
‘If you own it, you will have supreme authority in Tao faction. ’
‘Many people are covetous of it. ’
‘In“ Seven elites in Tao faction”, father and his co disciple ─Li Yan, had highest talents and best performances about Tao learning. ’
‘Of course, they had larger opportunity to inherit the“red jade talisman”than other persons. ’
Talking about it, the old man covered one layer of worry on his face.
‘Li Yan even was more active and bold, had a higher level of accomplishment in Tao faction. ’
‘However, Wu Tia nji considered his power was too strong,he himself was too ruthless to go to right path. ’
‘Wu Tia nji settled on my father who was kindly and amiable to succeed to“red jade talisman”more. ’
‘After all, a top Taoist whose ability and morality must be in the balance.’
Gu chang zch approved of it with a slight nod of his head.
‘Unexpectedly, ’
The old man raised his voice again unconsciously.
‘His disciples discovered that Wu Tia nji just never mentioned the“red jade talisman”in his will, after he had passed on. ’
‘They also could not find out it on his relics. ’
‘It should be that master did not want to raise the fight among disciples’.
Gu chang zch gazed at grains of stoneware, said lowly.
‘But some mysteries underlay the affair…’
The old man wore a deep and unpredictable look.
‘ On Wu Tia nji’s bedroom, a portrait was hanged on the wall. ’
‘It was the forebear of Tao faction ─Heaven Leader! ’
‘He wore yellow robe, carried the dragon sword, clothes were floating, and his ling were pine tree and cloud. ’
‘My father was very fond of the portrait, often went to see it. ’
‘Wu Tia nji promised him: “Once I leaves the world, the portrait will belong to you. ”’
“When my father took down the portrait from the wall, just kept the eyes out the drawing axis to have slit, it seemed that it could be turned on...”
‘Really, it was hollow,a white pebble was put inside. ’
‘A few small words were engraved on its top…’
‘Thousands of mountains, strange stones are lofty and steep, the storm clouds raise in clean field, “jade talisman” is apparent’. ’
The old man mourned.
‘Line between words, suggested the existence of “red jade talisman”. ’
‘ However, you could not full understand it. ’
He shock his head in confusion.
‘My father kept the white pebble. ’
‘Also enjoyed gathering the stones for the words“ strange stones are lofty and steep” on it. ’
‘“ Seven elites in Tao faction ”lost their leader─Wu Tia nji, and forasmuch some participants of it begun to be in league with the corrupt officials by their skills of Tao faction. ’
‘Father declined to go along with them in their evil deeds. ’
‘He gave up the skills of Tao faction, practiced medicine, became a Chinese medicine doctor. ’
‘Late, he married my mother, but, she died earlier. ’
‘My father had to been wearing two hats as father and mother. ’
‘The life was so hard to him! ’
The old man could say nothing but sigh.
‘After more than twenty years, ’
‘He gradually forgot all thing about “red jade talisman”. ’
‘One time, he lost the way in wildness for his stone collection. ’
‘Just saw a quaint, Japanese style bungalow by chance! ’
His face lines are tight, seemed to come to the main point of depiction.
‘On the door of it, there are some words: “ Storm clouds house. ”. ’
‘One shout of his brain, he made out the words“ storm clouds” on the white pebble to refer to“ storm clouds house. ”.’
‘The surrounding of the bungalow also met the means of “thousands of mountains, strange stones are lofty and steep”. ’
‘He knocked the door of it immediately. ’
‘The person who answered the door was…’
‘Wu Tia nji, unexpectedly!’
‘Yean! ’
Gu chang zch screamed gently.
‘Subsequently, it was clear to my father…’
‘The person was twin brother of Wu Tia nji─Wu Tia zhi! ’
‘Since Wu Tia nji got into Tao faction, rarely dealt with relatives and friends. ’
‘He just handed “red jade talisman”to Wu Tia zhi at the end of life. ’
‘Believed that the people whom he chose would take the priceless treasure from his twin brother!’
The old man said sincerely.
Gu chang zch was so moved;Wu Tia nji─a great Taoist, just used the method with many twists and turns to protect ‘red jade talisman’ and disciples.
‘My father told Wu Tia zhi about the words which he had found on white pebble. ’
‘He invited him to enter the house…’
‘Narrated the story that Wu Tia nji asked him collect “red jade talisman” secretly, next, he just offered my father the supreme thing of Tao faction! ’
‘It was safer that my father hided “red jade talisman”privately. ’
‘He just did not think so. ’
‘He took the precious thing to help patients. ’
The old man showed a look of praise to his father.
‘Finally, it caused him to die and “red jade talisman” to be stolen. ’
‘At the end of letter, my father expressed:
If I could read this letter, he might die, in addition, “red jade talisman” was surely taken away.
He gave me another indication that I had to look for“red jade talisman”, then, handed it over to the virtue, made sure it was used correctly. ’
“In the process of searching, ”
‘I consumed a lot of money, mental, strength…’
‘Had been deceived.’
‘Offended friends and relatives, even sacrificed love, marriage. ’
‘Simultaneously, I expected to catch the murder. ’
The old man said word by word, highlighted his will.
‘That is it, decades passed…’
‘I becomes an old guy! ’
He wearied head down.
Gu chang zch looks him sadly.
‘Furthermore, my father pointed out of the letter:
“The“red jade talisman”issues the light like a rainbow in every ten years. ”
‘I had lived on Xiangyun building. ’
‘ Ten years ago, the same late night, I eve saw the light that was same as we just met on rooftop. ’
‘I am convinced that it was the light of“red jade talisman”! ’
“The second day, I tried to search the trace of“red jade talisman”in
this place where was miles around
that“ redjadetalisman”glowed! ”
‘But nothing.’
The old man showed a little tired involuntarily.
‘After ten years, the same moment, I came back the rooftop of Xiangyun building, ’
‘Wished I could see the light again. ’
‘Coincidentally, I met you! ’
‘May I have your name? ’
He asked Gu chang zch whom was playing with chopsticks.
‘Gu chang zch.’
‘Good! Gu chang zch, chang zch! ’
‘I am Wu Maolin. ’
The old man introduced himself.
‘You can call me uncle lin. ’
‘An old man who is mindless and his limbs are inflexible. ’
‘I had told you God of ‘red jade talisman’ already chose you. ”. ’
“So, you must replace me to look for “red jade talisman”! ”
He worded with expectation.
‘Oh, no!’
Gu chang zch shouted.
‘A meal ’s price is rather expensive! ’
He almost jumped up.
‘I hire you! ’
Wu Maolin was watching Gu chang zch steadily.

以上內容節錄自《The legend of ‘red jade talisman’》 Tseng Hsiang─Yun◎著.白象文化出版


Tseng Hsiang─Yun

Education background:
Master of Education of Oklahoma University in U.S.A.
Reserached teaching English Ph.D class of Essex University in U.K.

English Lecture in Lingdong University of Science and Technology.
Published short stories in magazines: ‘Crown’, ‘Fictions’ Family’, ‘Whodunit’.
Published the fiction ‘Red fox’in 2012.
Published the fiction ‘The night eye of Dubai’‘Kite of Tahiti’in 2013.
Published the fiction‘The source of ice inU.K’in2015.
Published the fiction‘ The legend of “red jade talisman”’in 2017
Specialties: writing, infer and think, cut and cook.
Hobbies: computer network, read, delicious food, movie and TV, travel, live hotel, collect hotel rooms’ cards.
Motto: insist self’s independence, respect independence of others.

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